Träume aus Glas („Dreams of glass“)

Träume aus Glas („Dreams of Glass“) was my first big film. I came up with the idea for the screenplay after I watching a documentary about Russian models which absolutely shocked me! I started researching and quickly got an idea of the situation that young, exploited models often face. I wrote the screenplay in September 2016, within a week. The idea was stuck in my head and I couldn’t think of anything else. So I wrote several days in a row and then pitched the finished book to my partner and co-boss at the production company „BlackRiverProduction“. She was completely thrilled! We were both fired up and wanted to shoot the movie in November of the same year.

We pretty much immediately started casting and found our cast members Dieter Rupp, Anna-Lena Just, Lars Nover, Ben Moedder and lots of great extras. The main actress Hannah Buhr was set early on, because she was co-founder of our production company. Laure de la Houplière, with whom I played theater for several years at the KKT in Bad Cannstatt, was the final component of this great cast. The crew, which we were looking for at the same time, worked well as a team. Of course, Marco Ziegler was also a part of this project and became my assistant director. Quern Talhammer became our Director of Photography and Lun Yan supported him as his assistant.

To finance the film we put our project on the crowdfunding platform StartNext. The response was overwhelming. And we got donated even more money than we had ever expected. Therefore I would like to thank everyone who supported this project! Thank you for helping me realize my dreams!

We were shooting for five days at many different locations. Especially challenging was the nighttime outdoor shoot. We struggled with low temperatures, which especially troubled the lightly dressed actors. The shooting was exhausting. We shot at least fifteen hours each day and slept a maximum of four a night. But I loved every single second of it.

The shooting days were great fun and the mood on the set was amazing. As soon as we completed the shooting, I started editing. Within a few weeks, the film was completely edited. The music was composed by Timo Wilkens. He writes great music and his film score perfectly compliments the movie! Another big thanks goes to Flavio Gallo. He animated the missing sequences and so we could finish the film in just a few weeks.

On January 20th, 2017, „Träume aus Glas“ celebrated its premiere at the Metropolkino Stuttgart. Present were several hundred people who praised the movie and enjoyed a great evening.

To this day this film means a lot to me. It was the first time that an idea of mine was realized in a larger frame. Therefore I can’t thank the great cast and the wonderful crew enough for everything!

Cast and crew:

Ayla Irvin – Hannah Buhr

Abby Hunter – Anna Lena Just

André – Dieter Rupp

Darya – Laure de La Houpiere

Ben von Hohenfels – Lars Nover

Robert Swiss – Ben Moedder

– – –

Written, Directed and Produced by Emma Rosa Katharina Sauter

Assistant director – Marco Ziegler

Produced by BlackRiverPoduction

Producers – Hannah Buhr and Melvin Jäpel

Production Assistant – Franz Böhm

Production Design – Gina Breitenbach

Script Continuity – Hanna Buck

Director of Photography – Quirin Thalhammer

1st AC – Lun Yan

Sound Engineer – Vanessa Wollenschläger

Sound Assistance – Alexandra Rubensdörffer

Gaffer – Marco Ziegler

Set Design – Anna Ziener

Set Design Assistant – Julika Michelt

Costume Design – Lea Bruha

Make Up – Sabrina Peters and Anika Alber

Hairstyling – Klia Campos Fernandez

Filmscore – Timo Wilkens

Editors – Emma Sauter and Hannah Buhr

Post-Production – Melvin Jäpel

VFX – Flavio Gallo

Photographer – Sabrina Peters

We thank would like to thank our sponsors:

LTH – Lambretta & Vespa Parts, Fahrschule Campos, Marco-Im-Web, Bettina Sauter, Broadcast Technology Gmbh, and all our supporters on StartNext!

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