Faszination („Fascination“)

In the summer of 2015, I wanted to shoot an entire movie in a week. The script focused on a petty-bourgeois, bored woman who developed an obsession with watching people die.

Our crew was small but well-staffed. Hannah Kähler and Dominik Ziegenhagel worked as our Directors of photography and also helped with the sound. The talented Janick Entremont from Austria took some amazing photos while on set. In addition, our small crew was supported by Emmy Award winner Ryan Lewis! He took care of the special-effects make-up and made our actors look like severely wounded, half-dead people.

The shooting conditions were perfect! The only exhausting thing was the scorching heat. Every day of shooting was hotter than the previous one. The temperatures were well over 30C degrees. The only thing that seemed to help was a lot of drinking and regular bathing in the nearby Arendsee, which was amazing.

When the shooting was over, something that none of us had expected happened. There was a small film festival in the area, but between our shooting period and the deadline was just a week. Since the film did not contain any dialogues, film music was a big theme! And we know now had to compose and record it in a week. Fortunately, Rachel Ederle and Antonia Teichert mastered that task. The two understood my concept immediately and managed to write and record the most amazing film score ever. To this day I am thrilled with the music and how perfectly it harmonizes with the pictures!

Thus, the film was ready in time for participation in the film festival Arendsee. „Faszination“ won the third place and was awarded a „Perle der Altmark“. We were overwhelmed that it was actually possible to win an award in two weeks within filming, editing and adding music. And that’s exactly what we did!

Cast and Crew:

Irma – Diana Bronnert

Accident victim – Verena Kübrich

Swimmer – Luisa Kühn

Neighbor – Ahmad Shahen

Motorists – Norman Schenk

– – – 

Written and Directed by Emma Rosa Katharina Sauter and Melvin Jäpel

Director of Photography and Sound – Dominik Ziegenhagel

Director of Photography and Sound – Hannah Kähler

Special Effects – Ryan Lewis

Filmscore – Rachel Eberle

Filmscore – Antonia Teichert

Photographer – Janick Entremont

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